Arsenal's new Puma kit revealed?

09 October 2013 10:20

Linford Christie will not be Puma, or Arsenal's flavour of the month. Using Twitter, the former Olympic Gold Medal winner posted a picture of himself, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, along with Olivier Giroud and Bacary Sagna, with Henry sporting what looks most likely to be next season's Arsenal home shirt, while at an event in the Puma headquaters in Germany.

Arsenal have long been rumoured to be completing what is expected to be a record breaking shirt deal with Puma, so the news of an Arsenal/Puma shirt itself should come as no shock. However, an actual picture will have been something Puma and Arsenal themselves will have wanted to be kept under wraps. Christie himself, soon deleted the picture, which will fuel rumours of him being admonished by the powers that be, but not before the picture went viral.

While it is obviously not confirmed that this is in-fact to be the new shirt, there does not seem to be very many other conclusions to be drawn. Speaking for myself, I like it.


Source: DSG