Arsenal's derby victory proves Tottenham's Robbie Keane has a way with words

02 November 2009 12:44
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If he's got any sense, Robbie Keane will be quieter than a Champions League night at the Emirates for the next few days. But in fairness, Robbie didn't get it all wrong, did he? He was at least half right:

'In the last four or five years Arsenal always managed to get ahead of us (CORRECT) but if you look now it is even (INCORRECT)

"It will be judged at the end of the season (CORRECT) but if you look at the bench we have, it is probably a bit stronger than their bench (INCORRECT)'

Of course, you could also wonder about accuracy of that line about 'the last four or five years'. Seems a touch lot longer than that, if memory serves. But Harry Redknapp isn't about to criticise his skipper for providing Arsenal's team talk on Saturday.

'I'm not giving up on the Champions League, it's not impossible, it's all about a couple of points,' boomed Redknapp, presumably those points being a) scoring lots of goals and b) not letting as many in.

'It's nice proving people wrong in life,' he added, sentiments no doubt echoed by Robin van Persie when he shook Keane's hand on Saturday.

Keane's point about bench strength looked particularly odd when Roman Pavlyuchenko languidly entered the fray, looking, as ever, like Rudolph Nureyev without the codpiece.

In fairness, Arsenal sub Eduardo was bad enough to make Keane's bench-bashing seem slightly more justified. But that's probably not much comfort for Robbie: if Eduardo had played well, Spurs would have lost 6-0.

Source: Telegraph