Arsenal - The Best Team In North London?

11 October 2013 11:41

Who’ll be the most successful manager in north London this year?

Who’ll be the most successful player in north London this year?

Who’ll be the most successful team in north London this year?

The obvious answer…

No one knows yet.

After just seven games it seems many pundits and fans alike have started to make definitive statements about who is a success this year and who is a failure.

As someone who follows football and tries not to miss many games I really struggle with the definitive and extreme way in which every game is assessed as either the start of great things or the beginning of the end.

It’s not just the teams though, no.

It’s the players and the manger that have seamlessly condemned their team to unquestionable failure or carried them to success single-handedly each month.

The question is though who is the better team this season Arsenal or Tottenham, and can one them win it?

For me, supporting a club is about expecting them to do their best every game, whilst knowing the table can actually change a bit over 38 games in the most competitive league in the world and not to expect a win each week or a trophy every year.

This year two clubs that could well lift the title hail from the same part of London.

The fact Tottenham haven’t finished above Arsenal since 1995 is just that, a fact, not pre-planned certainty.

Another fact is that that Arsenal only finished above Tottenham by one point last season.

Finishing above each other could potentially mean finishing in second as opposed to first, given how open the season is this year.

The crazy thing though is that although both teams have started the season very well there were already some “fans” calling for Wenger, one of the most important mangers in history of English football to sacked after one loss and the failure to try and buy a title.

Equally sitting just just three points behind leaders Arsenal but some people are already saying that Tottenham’s title hopes are in tatters, which is truly ridicules.

Here’s a perfect example of the sort of “fan” I mean.

These are two twitter quotes from so-called Arsenal “fan” Piers Morgan after losing to Aston Villa at home on their first game of the season:

“Here's the only transfer business I now want: WENGER OUT. #Arsenal”

“And to all those deluded #Arsenal fans still refusing to accept Wenger's the problem: WAKE. UP.”

Here’s a few twitter quotes from Piers Morgan about in-form Arsenal Midfielder Aaron Ramsey before the he started winning the mom awards:

“What DOES Wenger see in Ramsey? A complete and utter liability. #Arsenal”

“So Ramsey cocked it up again? His continued presence in Arsenal's 1st team is yet another reason why I say Wenger's lost it. #Arsenal”

Here’s some since he’s hit form:

“BOOOMMM!!! 1-0. Unbelievable - @aaronramsey AGAIN. Thank God I saw his potential last season and stood by him. #Afc”

“BOOOOOOOOOOM! 0-2. That man again @aaronramsey - sensational! #Afc”

Maybe he’s just the king of irony and was joking the whole time, I doubt it though.

Finally, here’s more one since Arsenal bought German super star Mesut Özil:

“The Wenger criticism from Arsenal fans was completely justified. He'd lost his edge. If he's regained it now since Ozil signing, then great.”

As easy as it would be to write article just about my opinion on Piers Morgan’s football opinions I’ll move on.

Firstly though, there’s no questioning how important signing Özil was for Arsenal and the message him choosing Arsenal will send to other top players in the future.

But is it Özil that makes Arsène a great manger?

Is it spending vast sums on money?

Obviously, the answer in no.

The problem is everyone sees spending money as scale to predict success on.

Why is he always being introduced as Arsenals 42.5 Million Pound Signing and not just a great player?

The cost of a player should be irrelevant.

Arguably Arsenals most influential player this season, Mathieu Flamini, wasn’t greeted with much positivity from the media when he re-signed from A.C. Milan.


Because he was free.

This is a quote from Matt Hughes of The Times (subscription only) on Wenger after signing Flamini:

"By refusing to cave into Arsenal fans' demands for big-money signings he risks jeopardising not only his future at the club, but his legacy in English football," he argues.

Of course, most football fans don’t take such extreme stances after every game or at every transfer window.

But the fact is, some do.

So many people think that if a club isn’t winning every game it’s is in a crisis, and the only solution is sacking the manager or spending a hundred million.

Moving on to Tottenham who spent well over that amount this summer after losing the amazing Gareth Bale to Real Madrid.

So after adding a lot of very promising players to an already strong side with a top manager, the expectation for Tottenham this year is rightly, very high.

But are people talking about their title credentials because of the players they have or the fact they spent over a hundred million?

The two things obviously go hand in hand but some people are already saying AVB has to make it into the top four this year after spending so much money.

Not because Tottenham have a very good team or because they have one of the best mangers in the world, who’s not even 36 yet.

No, because some people think they’ve paid the fee to be contenders this year.

Either team could win the title this year because they both have top managers and quality players and not because they broke their record signings in the summer.

Source: DSG