Arsenal still waiting on Arshavin as confusion continues over work permit

30 January 2009 08:57
Wenger, though, remains hopeful that a deal can be struck before Monday's deadline to bring Arshavin to the Emirates Stadium.[LNB]Reports earlier today claimed that Arshavin had been granted a work permit but Wenger added further mystery to the most protracted transfer in the January window when he said: "We have not applied for a work permit yet for anybody, not for Arshavin and not for anybody else.[LNB]"We have respect for each other," added Wenger of the dialogue between Arsenal and Zenit St Petersburg, "and that's it.[LNB]"Whether we are close or not has little meaning – it does not matter how close you are, what is important is that you agree. At the moment, we have no agreement with anybody for any transfer.[LNB]"We are always confident; we try our best and respect our budget. If we can find an agreement, we will do it, if we cannot we will not overspend what we have planned to do."[LNB]Wenger's denials suggests that another club may have requested a permit for the talented forward  Spurs have been linked with another move for Arshavin having failed to sign him last summer.[LNB]Wenger, though, admitted that he remains keen on Arshavin, adding: "When you go for a player it is because you want him. That's part of the decision and part of the negotiations is that you have to find agreement." [LNB]

Source: Telegraph