Arsenal Star Admits to Cheating On Wife On Twitter

17 February 2014 09:45

Olivier Giroud has admitted to cheating on his wife only hours before Arsenal’s FA cup clash with Liverpool on Twitter.

The French international was accused by The Sun of meeting American model, Celia Kay, in a hotel room on February 1st, the night before Arsenal played Crystal Palace at the Emirates.

The striker at first denied the accusations, but Giroud has now publicly confessed the encounter using Twitter, after half-naked photos of him emerged in Kay’s hotel room.

Kay, who was at the hotel from 12:50am to 3:00am on February 2nd, said last week how she and the 27 year-old were “extremely loving and tactile” but did not have sex.

“He didn't seem to care about the match at all. He asked me to stay the night - he is totally crazy,” Kay continued.

He wrote in English and French: “I apologize to my wife, family and friends and my manager, teammates and Arsenal fans.

“I now have to fight for my family and for my club and obtain their forgiveness. Nothing else matters at the moment.”

Giroud is now expected to receive a heavy fine from Arsenal for breaching club curfew, especially after Wenger gave strict orders about early nights. Arsenal are reportedly prepared to fine Giroud with a £230,000 fine for the incident.

Source: DSG