Arsenal reveal new 'Running Man'

16 July 2013 02:36

A Vietnamese Arsenal fan has become an internet hit after running an incredible 5 miles at a brisk pace (and pinching a ride on a scooter) to keep up with his heroes on their official team bus. The players were amazed and were clapping and watching, encouraging him to continue his show of passion.

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was a fan of the fan commenting “if you really want to pursue your dreams you can have them”, which was in response to the nameless Vietnamese Arsenal fan who was rewarded by his amazing show as the coach stopped to allow him to come on board and meet his heroes.

Arsenal’s tour to the Far East has been an amazing success with packed crowds greeting the players wherever they turn out. Arsenal are the first Premiership team to fly out to Vietnam. Their first match last Sunday against an Indonesia Dream Team finished in a 7-0 rout to the gunners with five goals coming in the last 20 minutes.

It has to be said it was a lovely touch by the club to allow this man to come on to the team coach and hats off to those who gave the green light for this to happen. It would be lovely if Arsenal Football Club afforded the fans at the Emirates the same opportunity to meet the players after the game for signatures and pictures, which used to be the case at Highbury but ceased to be the case once the club moved to the Emirates Stadium.


Source: DSG