Arsenal Puma kit too tight for fans, or fans too tight for Arsenal Kit?

16 July 2014 02:16

As it happens it's neither. Allow me to explain.

Since the unveiling of the spanking new home, away, and third shirt from Arsenal's new it manufacturer Puma, there has been something of a furore across the internet, and in quiet corners of the local pubs, about quite how skin-tight the new outfit appears. There's a good reason for it too. The pictures of Ozil, Flamini, and Arteta show shirts which cling to every contour of these athletes bodies, something which the average man on the street would perhaps prefer to avoid. And, as such, it seems there are an awful lot of people feeling alienated by the kit. "I'm not wearing that, I'll look like a sausage!", seems to be the most used expression of distaste. And the price of the kit in question? £100!

Two decent reasons for disenchantment with what should be a monumental deal for both Arsenal and Puma combined.

However, all is not what it seems. As an Arsenal fan myself, I was somewhat sceptical about buying a new shirt, given that my waist and stomach are not what they were 10 years ago, but as it turns out, the shirts the Arsenal players have been pictured wearing are the "Authentic Players Kit" shirts, rather than the normal "Replica" shirts. The "Replica" shirts, are just like all the kits we've ever bought before, spacious, airy, and designed so that you can breath a sigh of relief at such news without fear of splitting the seems of your snazzy new purchase.

As it happens, it's actually pretty difficult to lay your hands on one of the skin-tight shirts, which is perhaps a good thing for 90% of fans, and people who might encounter fans who've bought one with the misguided idea that they'll look as good as the players in it, irrespective of the 9 pints and a curry regime they've had for the last 8 years on a Saturday!

The "Authentic Players Kit"shirts are not currently listed in the Arsenal store, but are available from the Puma direct online shop, in the UK selling for £100, in Europe at €150, and in the USA at $175, all of which is too steep for the average fan, whereas the normal version of the kit, which you'll find in most shops in the near future, is selling at between £45-£55 depending on where you look. Half the price, and a whole lot less pressure to get back into that gym you've been eyeing for the last 2 years.

So, if you have the physique for the Authentic Players Shirt, you can still lay your hands on it, albeit for a serious outlay of cash, but for people like myself, you can put your worries to the side. There is an Arsenal shirt for every shape and size of supporter.

Source: DSG