Arsenal Fans Just Love ArsenalfanTV

20 September 2013 01:09

Arsenal fans tuned into the internet will have noticed a new media outlet designed especially for the fans. ArsenalfanTV is enjoying its first full season this year and to date it has amassed an incredible 5 million+ hits and they have over after 44,000 subscribers to their youtube TV channel.

Interestingly, the fan interviews from the first couple of games (Emirates Cup and Villa) saw some serious venom being vented at the club, with Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke the main target of criticism. The lack of spending was regularly highlighted in no uncertain terms. Indeed, given the meteoric rise of ArsenalfanTV and the negative attention that the club was attracting from its fans I am in no doubt that the club is keeping a close eye on the interviews.

The face of ArsenalfanTV is Robbie Lyle, a lifelong Arsenal fan. When I asked him what he put the success of ArsenalfanTV down to he said “Fans enjoy our channel because it gives them an outlet and a voice. Fans are too often the silent majority but we have changed that. We have given fans an importance at Arsenal.”

The beauty about ArsenalfanTV is that it’s a platform for real fans; not the corporate brigade who seems to be taking over football because of the rising cost of going to Premiership matches. The character and the language can be a bit colourful at times but then again so is the atmosphere on the terraces so for me it is a real reflection of proper football fans. The fans speak from the heart and their emotion is red raw, as Robbie catches them immediately after a game.

ArsenalfanTV can be located online by clicking here.

If you want to be a star of ArsenfanTV, Robbie can normally be found after Arsenal home matches by the iconic Tony Adams statue. ArsenalfanTC covers both home and away matches, even covering matches away in Europe. On the odd occasion of they cannot make it abroad you will find the film crew in the Gunners Pub.


Source: DSG

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