Arsenal Club : The Board of Directors and Arsenal Fans

13 December 2012 08:50

Perhaps at a first glance at the above heading, one might think that this is another pathetic article, written up by some pathetic writer. You have the right to think that way . However I will take a different approach than most mainstream articles about this subject.

The board's main objective is to manage the club effectively , in terms of its finances while at the same time maintain financial rewards to its stakeholders. On the other side of the coin, Arsenal Fans , require also financial stability at the club , but at what cost ?

Attaining top place at the Premier league and qualifying year in year out at the Champions league is not all what the fans are looking for. They want success to be translated to silverware and this is fair enough from Fans point of view.

On the other hand , we hear repeated press statements about the profits being earned year in year out , branding activities , term deals with sponsors and so on . All this is good and fine , but is this congruent with what the fans ultimate objective?

While I believe that Wenger had been extraordinary at his helm at Arsenal , this assertion is now being put to the test. Is Wenger a strong person on the green grass only ? Is the board really backing Wenger? Why red and white holdings of Usmanov , still being prevented from taking the board seat at Arsenal? Is the current wages structure at Arsenal ,still a deterrent to maintain top notch players in the longer run?

These are questions that need to be cleared and dusted. The sooner the better. Arsenal needs a new vision at board level which can be transmitted to the green carpet. Being conservative in your ideas ,thus not always pays.Creativity is the answer with a clear and constructive plan forward.

Source: DSG

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