Arsenal can still win the Premier League says Emmanuel Adebayor

19 January 2009 09:36
The Togolese international, who opened the scoring for Arsenal against Hull on Saturday, insists the squad feel under no pressure and will continue to enjoy themselves on the pitch and see what happens come May.

Reminiscent of Manchester United's comeback last season, Adebayor told the Mirror

: "Why can't we win the title? It's why we're on the pitch and why we play for Arsenal. If we keep going and keep winning games let's see where we are at the end of the season.

"At the moment we are six points behind Manchester United, but at one stage last season we were 10 points ahead of them and they still went on to win the league so it's not over yet.

"There's no pressure on us. We just have to keep going, playing well and enjoying ourselves."

Manager Arsene Wenger is also refusing to concede his side's title hopes, and insists they must focus on their own fightback rather than what is going on with other teams around them.

Adamant that the likes of Manchester United and the others will drop more points Wenger said: "We believe in this team's resilience. Of course United will drop points. They won 1-0 against Wigan and 1-0 against Bolton in the last minute so that indicates they will drop points. They have a massive squad which is an advantage, but they will have injuries as we have.

"Nobody is flying at the moment, which is good because it gives hope to everybody. We don't talk about the title, we just talk about the next game and focus on that. We have momentum, so let's strengthen the belief in the team and see where we are in April.

"Everyone plays each other and we have some big games coming up. We need to be on our toes and get closer."

Source: Telegraph

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