Arsenal: Big club or have they lost that status?

18 July 2013 10:50

If we are led to believe Mr Wenger has money to burn in his pocket (Supported by a Board statement to that end) then the question needs to be asked why isn’t it being spent?

I know that there are reported bids for Suarez and Higuain respectively and the cost of them would be in the region of £30million +.

Now Higuain was reportedly ready to sign and the deal was done and dusted, but yet it isn’t and Liverpool have rejected their offer for Suarez so where does that leave Arsenal? Well for one it leaves them having not made any big signings so far and don’t get me wrong, I know it's only July but Spurs have signed someone and for them that is a miracle to do any business before the end of August.

Is it that the players just don’t want to come? Is there a shift from payment players to players who want to win trophies and is it Arsenals trophyless seasons that is causing Wenger problems with new quality signings? Maybe the players just don’t want to go to Arsenal and that’s where the question comes in…Are they just not big enough for the stars of today? Are they not showing enough ambition in the market to prove to the likes of Suarez that they want to win the league or the champions league. Is it that qualifying for the champions league doesn’t guarantee the best players will sign for you?

It could be argued that their is a shift from red to blue in North London where Spurs are showing enough ambition in the market to hopefully keep Bale and to improve and show players that they want to win the league and qualify for the Champions League. Are players just impressed by the improvements that are being made at Spurs. While Arsenal have a fancy stadium, the stadium tour will have only an empty cabinet to show prospective new players, unless of course they are being shown dusty trophies from a good few years ago when Arsenal was a dominate team in North London. Arsenals status within London as the best team has been surpassed by Chelsea and with Spurs improving every year I doubt it wouldn’t be too long before they overtake the Arsenal too.

Source: DSX