Arsenal beginning to look like Arsenal again

03 October 2013 09:47

'It's too early for plaudits yet', scream almost everyone in unison when asked about the realistic chances of Arsenal winning a trophy this season, or Arsenal winning the league. Or both. Or everything! And it is, you're right, but it's far from too early for speculating about it, especially on their current form.

But wait! Current form? Do we mean since the start of the season, where Arsenal have won all but their first game, and sit top of the league, or do we go further back? In fact, this calendar year, Arsenal have played 25 games, won 17, drawn 4, and lost 4, accumulating 6 points more than their nearest rivals, Tottenham, on 49. 25 games is surely a decent amount of time to gauge a side's potential?

The point of fact is, every test which has been thrown at this Arsenal side, they've come through. The test which was Napoli last night was one, and the result, after the first 16 minutes, was never in doubt. The test against Spurs, again dealt with effectively. Qualification for the Champions League? Not a problem. Bounce back from the confidence killer which was the Aston Villa game? Safe to say that's been done with aplomb.

Arsenal have turned the Emirates into something of a fortress finally, and they're better on the road than a BMW M3 convertible! Their defence is solider than it ever has been since Flamini left, due to the introduction of, well, a Flamini, and while they do look like they can concede goals, they also look like they can if required, just outscore the opposition anyway.

With various players in differing states of recovery, and the likes of the impressive Gnabry loitering with intent too, waiting for their chance, Arsenal are simply unable to be seen as a team to be dismissed as just a 4th place likelihood anymore. They have points on the board in both the Champions League and Premier league, so much so that, were they to play both their home and away games against Manchester United in succession, they could lose both and still be 2 points clear of them!

Wenger knows momentum is with him. He also knows how to use it. He's been in situations like this with Arsenal squads before. And now, finally, the squad he has here, are beginning to look like they might be strong enough to share both the stage, as well as the shirt, with them.


Source: DSG