Arsenal and Wenger: Indecisive or calculatingly clever?

12 July 2013 12:34

Arsene Wenger is driving Arsenal fans to heightened levels of frustration in this summer transfer window as, apart from the signing of young French international Yaya Sanogo, there is still no signings for Arsenal fans to celebrate.

The protracted signing of Gonzalo Higuain has probably developed into the longest non-signing saga ever and with feverish speculation around Luis Suarez, which to be frank, seems completely unfounded. Arsenal fans are now resigned to comments such as “I will believe it when I see it”, as pretty much every single Premiership team has splashed out big money apart from Arsenal.

Whether Arsene Wenger has £70M, £80M or £100M seems not to matter a jot, as the bottom line is Arsene will not depart with those hard won shillings. His £7M a season salary sees him as one of the most handsomely rewarded managers in the Premiership and some Arsenal fans will be wondering how this figure is justified – then again some Arsenal fans won’t be bothered if he is paid £10M a year, as long as he gets Arsenal into that coveted Champions League spot year-on-year.

Whilst the club is filling its coffers yet again with a money-spinning tour of Asia, Arsenal fans have been dishing out well over a thousand pounds for their season tickets. Given the lack of success at Arsenal one really has to commend the loyalty of Gooners who continue to pay by far the highest premium for their season tickets. The Arsenal Supporters Trust was recently quoted in a national broadsheet as saying Arsenal had “priced loyal supporters out of the Emirates”. Last season the cheapest season ticket was £985, with the highest going up to a fiver shy of two grand. Arsenal fans deserve better than this and I would stop short of making grandiose statements about the club as the transfer window is still open and there is still plenty of time for Arsene to surprise us.

Source: DSG