Arsenal AGM: You may be top but Arsenal fans still unhappy

18 October 2013 10:21

Arsenal’s Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday (17.10.13) and despite it not turning out to be the feisty affair that recent AGM’s proved to be, there was still a clear air of disgruntlement, as Arsenal fans saw a perfectly executed show. Approved questions were submitted beforehand so Mr Gazidis and Sir Chips Keswick were able to eloquently address those pre-advised areas. When the session was opened up to the floor, the fans jumped on the opportunity to ask those pressing questions. On the issue of the winter World Cup Sir Chip replied “It would be disruptive and it is a monumental issue.”

Fans seized on the Usmanov issue asking why Alisher Usmanov was not allowed a place on the board? On this, Sir Chips bluntly replied “We will not speak about this in public.”

Fans questioned the ethics of the club in relation to the attempted purchase of Luis Suarez. One fan asked “Were there reservations about bidding for a player who was found guilty of racism and biting a fellow professional?” Sir Chips replied “Any player must adhere to our standards. Our ethics are as strong as ever.”

Arsene Wenger was at his charismatic best and amongst other things said “Our huge ambition is to win the league but our policy is based on three different levels; Philosophy of play, intelligence of our eye and lastly to scout and buy recognised world class players like Ozil.”

I spoke to a couple of fans after the AGM and one commented “Stan Kroenke spoke briefly and I would question why he is not putting in funds to the club. Any questions mildly sensitive or interesting were avoided by giving a typical politician’s answer.”

In all there were 350 fans at the AGM. Yes, it was not the tempestuous affair that has come to be known at Arsenal AGM’s of late. Arsenal’s sitting pretty at the top of the league and their new £42 million record signing made sure of that. Fans will know however, that the current position is relatively false, as they have not really been tested yet. Many Arsenal fans will acknowledge this and if they are still top at Christmas maybe, just maybe they might start thinking that something special may just be on the horizon.

If you went to the AGM what was your view on it? A fuller transcript of the AGM can be seen here courtesy of the Daily Mail.


Source: DSG