Another Important Injury from Another Pointless Friendly

06 March 2014 03:51

Jack Wilshere is out of the Arsenal squad for six weeks. Probably longer. He's sustained an injury which, according to Arsenal's official website, consists of a cracked bone in his left foot, after a tackle from Premier League rival Liverpool's Daniel Agger, while playing in the international friendly against Denmark. This means he will miss the FA Cup game against Everton, the Champions League game at Bayern, and certainly the league games against Spurs, Chelsea, and Man City.

So, one of Arsene Wenger's strongest players is consigned to the treatment room while the biggest period in Arsenal's season begins, due to an incident in an utterly ridiculously timed friendly which meant nothing to anyone involved, a game which was played in such an abject manner that it was obvious to all who watched England, (and for that matter Denmark), that the whole event was pointless.

A cynic would say, "It looks like Agger's taken advantage of the situation to knobble an opponent, and give his team an edge in the league!", and while I doubt this is actually true, were it to be so, then who could blame him? Both teams are locked in a battle for what is probably going to be 3rd 4th and 5th spots. The point is though, this game should never have been played in the first place. Why would you schedule a friendly at such a critical time in the top teams season? It's nonsensical! The game was banal at best, and the only notable thing of worth was a goalkeeper called Schmeichel doing a passable impression of a goalkeeper called Schmeichel, which somehow made even the staunchest anti-Man United fans smile just a little.

There is an apathy about the English national squad, and a parallel resignation from the fans that, at the Brazil World Cup later in the year, England will not do very well. Expectations are far from high, and while that itself cannot be blamed on games such as yesterday's Denmark debacle, what will certainly not help the cause to motivate the fans, is the England team and management being blamed for the loss of hugely important players from their parent clubs, in a critical period of the season.

The loss of Jack Wilshere for Arsenal, could well cost them a position in the Champions League next season. The loss of a friendly game against Denmark, would have absolutely no impact in Roy Hodgson's preparations for the World Cup. It's time the people who organise these games look at the bigger picture, rather than just pocketing the revenue generated by the tickets, advertising and television rights, and show some respect for the clubs who nurture these players into the athletes they become. For the likes of Arsenal and players such as Jack Wilshere, those days cannot come soon enough.


Source: DSG