Andre Villas-Boas: Arsenal's next manager?

03 December 2013 10:59

Before disregarding the possibility of André Vilas Boas being the man to step into Arsene Wengers considerable shoes at the Emirates when the great man finally steps aside, please remember that we have already been transported to a parallel universe where these things actually happen.

In this parallel universe, PAULO DI CANIO is hired by an actual football club to actually manage them. In this parallel universe, a Premiership football club, looking to build an entire new era of success, decide that Mark Hughes has all the credentials they are looking for. In this parallel universe, a man who so publicly and humiliatingly failed at Chelsea under universal derision, is hired to manage their London rivals.

I maintain that AVB only avoided being met by an angry mob of flaming torch and pitch fork wielding Spurs fans on his first day at White Hart Lane because the football community still felt sorry for him, having spent 9 months of his life being bullied by John Terry.

Take yourself back to when you first heard the rumour that AVB was even TALKING to Daniel Levy about the vacant managers seat at Spurs……….

See what I mean?


This isn’t a criticism of AVB’s managerial abilities for whom, actually, the jury are still adjourned, the point is that NO managerial appointment should ever surprise any of us anymore. Fergie to come out of retirement and replace Brendan Rogers at Liverpool? Ron Atkinson to lead Ghana to World Cup glory?

I am not saying football club owners don’t know what they are doing but remember James McDonagh who got the interview for the Blackburn Rovers job off the back of his accomplishments on ‘Football Manager’?

Yes.Yes, I am saying they don’t know what they are doing.

Perhaps with owners of football clubs so quick to bring the axe down on their numero uno’s, there simply aren’t enough suitably qualified managers to go round. Stevenage Manager Graham Westley, has recently suggested a “points deduction” for teams replacing their manager during a season. I for one am in total agreement.

So, when Di Canio replaces Roy Hodgson and AVB names his first Arsenal squad to meet Panathinaikos in a Champions League Qualifier, just smile to yourself and be glad you live in world where anything is possible.

I’m off to apply for the Sheffield Wednesday job as a result of managing my sons under 7’s team in a 14-6 victory over Marlow Town Juniors FC last week. Wish me luck.

Next thing you know they’ll give the most important job in English football to the guy that gave the world Roland Rat!



Source: DSG