Almunia snubs Jens attack

25 October 2007 07:30
Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia has dismissed criticism of him from team-mate Jens Lehmann. Almunia has become first-choice for the Gunners in recent weeks, but Lehmann is unimpressed by the Spaniard's form and believes that he should be back in the starting eleven. However, Almunia, who has conceded just four goals in 11 games, replied: "I'm not worried about that (Lehmann's comments). Nothing can disturb me and nothing can turn my mind on to other things. "I don't want to turn my mind to other things, I only want to win games for Arsenal. I don't care about any other aspect. "I will stay positive. The goalkeeping position is a difficult position. I've been here almost three years without playing in the league. It's normal for people to assess the situation. "I forget the past now I'm playing. It's not a problem. I don't care about pressure, I only want to play well. "If I read the papers and listen to what other people say about me and all these things, then I'd turn crazy. I don't want that. "When I'm playing well I honestly don't mind other things that are happening. "Maybe if I was playing badly I would be more worried, but for now life is fantastic and I want to take my chance."

Source: ESA