A Madrid Star, scapegoat, womanizer and an Arsenal Hope

16 September 2013 04:06

When Gareth Bale was set to arrive at Santiago Bernabeu with his protracted world record transfer, several players in the Madrid camp had that bit of unsecured feeling to start in as the first choice man and it would have been a great managerial skills to accommodate giant names simultaneously on the pitch and keep them satisfied throughout the season and give them optimum opportunity to play and perform well; in fact, which is their job.

The feeling creeped in among many names, the young and talented German star Mesut Ozil was no exception to it. He might have felt the lack of consistent opportunity at the world’s most reputed club and saw his foot moving towards greener pastures in Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is known for his wisdom all round the world and is hailed as the superstar maker out of less known names in football world. With Ozil the start tag is already there and fitted with his name and calibre he has shown over the last five seasons with the Los Blancos in Madrid. Wenger seized the opportunity and got him for a huge sum (£42.4m) considering the amount of talent he is injecting into the club. Certainly for Wenger and Arsenal Mesut Ozil is a big player and a big name already but as per the reputation of the Arsenal team as underachievers over the last few years it is a boost and will give them a new dimension to their attack line which the opponent shall fear of.

Ozil Marked his debut for the Gunners and lived up to his reputation in terms of talent and skills as a player ; providing crucial assists that were instrumental in providing Arsenal their third win in four matches as they sit at the top of the table in English premier league.

Before moving to Arsenal from Real Madrid, several speculations were made about Ozil from being called a scape-goat for Bale transfer to being rumoured as womanizer (with his linkage with former Miss Venezuela) which was all but rubbished out by Real Madrid and Ozil himself. However, the Madrid boss did have something to say to the world.

Real boss Carlo Ancelotti said: "I've heard a lot of people talk about the departure of Ozil and now it's my turn to talk "Nobody leaves Madrid if they don't want to leave.

"Ozil thought he had a lot of competition for places and asked to leave. It doesn't happen to everyone.

"The coaching staff's decision was to let Ozil leave.

"We received a good bid and everyone was satisfied. We wish him all the best."

His sparkling debut was praised by the whole football fraternity and would have certainly pleased his ex-boss Ancelotti who could have hold him to Madrid by assuring him a regular start and selling some other relatively less successful player in Khedira, another German.

But with all said and done it is now for Madrid to make a superstar out of Bale and not miss the services of their former start player in Ozil. On the other hand Ozil will look to live up to his name as a star as he has played in his debut for Arsenal against Sunderland. Certainly a new hope for Arsena , Ozil will have to see them home in many matches to be played this season. We do hope, he will.


Source: DSG