51 Million Pound For Arsenal To Make Cavani Their New New Striker

15 August 2014 03:32

A year ago it was unthinkable. Arsenal spend big on players? Do me a favour! That's what other teams do. And yet slowly, surely, much like the Martians in War of the World by H. G. Wells, Arsene Wenger was plotting from a distance, ready to draw his plans against those who have stood in his route to glory. I can almost hear the accompanying music.

And so it has come to pass that The Gunners have within their ranks, two players over £30 million in value, three world cup winners, a sparkly new FA Cup, not to mention an associated decimated wage structure, all of which combined suggest that the kid gloves are off regarding the financial aspect which has so often be seen as a restraining factor in seasons where Champions League football was seen as a trophy. How best to underline that, and give the fans something to repay them for the most expensive season ticket and single game tickets in the league, than splash the cash some more on a world class striker, something which the club probably still need before they can be considered serious contenders on all fronts.

Enter Edinson Cavani, if reports all across the press are to be believed. Currently at PSG he transferred there from Napoli for an amount slightly more than the rumoured £51 million mentioned by The Daily Star, The Express, and various other media outlets. Once listed in the Guardian as being 13th in the top 100 players there is no doubting his pedigree, having scored goals wherever he's been, and making a name for himself as a workhorse, putting in the miles per game in a manner not unlike Luis Suarez, and a return last season of 25 goals in 43 games across the various competitions does nothing to suggest his prowess has waned.

However, Wenger has Giroud, whose return of 40 goals and 24 assists was invaluable last season, Alexis who as of yet, we don't know where will play, Walcott to come back, a revitalised Sanogo, and Joel Campbell is finally available too. Arsene claims he is blessed with vast amounts of attacking talent but only Giroud is a proven out and out striker. Cavani would alter that, and alter the perception of Arsenal completely as a prospect when the opposing team prepare for them.

This is of course all hypothetical. For Cavani to be able to leave it appears Paris Saint-Germain will need to do more business in the buying department, and then would be required to sell in order to balance their books in accordance with financial fair play rules, but if the dominoes do begin to fall, and a transfer like Angel Di Maria heads in to the French side.

Have your chequebook at the ready Professor Wenger! You're probably one major striker signing from sending panic through your rivals.

Source: DSG

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