2012/13 Fixtures - Not the easiest of starts...

18 June 2012 10:00
. first game at home to Sunderland on August 18th, then some tricky away stuff.

We have three aways in the first five - trips to Stoke, Liverpool and Manchester City which are all tough fixtures.

Hopefully we'll have a better start to the season than we did last time - we don't want to be playing catch-up all season again.

If we're in the mix at the end of the season then our penultimate home game against Manchester United on April 27th could be interesting.

We tend to look for the games against the big clubs, but the odds are it'll still be the Wigans and West Broms that trip us up!

Bear in mind that these are billed as the 'draft' fixtures - i.e. when Sky get their hands on them they'll all be amended - but you get the picture.

What sort of starting eleven will run our on to the Emirates turf for the first game? - that's another question!