Will Messi ever leave El Diego's Shadow?

18 July 2014 02:40

There has been much talk since Argentina lost out to the mighty Germans in the world cup final.

The name that seems to crop up in most conversations is Lionel Messi, and the questions most people ask, is will Messi ever be better than Maradona?

In some people's minds he already is, but the majority feel that he needs to win a world cup to surpass the mighty El Diego.

Messi was by far Argentina's best player in the tournament, it felt some of the pressure that the Barcelona forward had carried in previous tournaments had been lifted with the added talent of Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain. Some said it was the most relaxed they had seen him in any major tournament.

However things were a lot different in Maradona's era than they are now. Maradona had a very average team in 86 when he lifted the World Cup. He practically carried the Argentina team throughout the whole tournament. But he has also performed on club level, playing some of the best football of his career in Italy. His love affair with Barcelona was not quite on the same level as Messi, with being injured in his first season.

Messi has benefited immensely since tackles from behind have all but been banned. He also has more space and time than was ever afforded to Maradona. His ability to make it look like the ball was glued to his foot was second to none.

Messi is a fine player; he has already achieved so much in his illustrious career. He is the greatest Argentine we have seen since Maradona - his sublime passes and pace is a delight to watch but he has yet to reach the same legendary status as Barrilete Cósmico (cosmic kite, this name was given to Maradona when he scored that second goal against England). Messi must win a world cup to at least put him on the same level as him.

He was so close but yet so far this year. The Germans just proved to be too strong for this Argentine side. Messi put in a great performance in the 1st half but somewhat faded in the second half. At times he looked tired in the tournament, this obviously from playing in La Liga and the champion’s league.

Will Messi ever lift the world cup?

Only time will tell.

Source: DSG