Taunting the opposition

30 September 2012 06:16
Pros and cons

A decent turnout of Lichtie fans at Ochilview yesterday - some of whom entertained themselves by provoking big John Gemmell.  Fair game and he certainly is a wally

. but does focusing this attention on selected opponents have the opposite effect than intended?   He scored a bullet header for Stenny just after the break and was happy to celebrate by gesticulating in front of our fans.   4

After our late strike, it might have been nice just to get behind the team rather than carry on  and that was quickly nipped in the bud with their lte late equaliser?

I sometimes wonder if the bile directed at characters like Gemmill, and Dick Campbell just makes them want to get their own back.   Maybe also the officials.   

I'm happy to abuse opponents freely without discrimination.  But maybe there's a pragmatic case to be made for getting more behind our team and less into the opposition?