Sheer Loonacy - historically close derby

21 September 2012 05:23
Let's level the record

Going as far back as 1885, you could not find two teams more closely matched than Arbroath and Forfar

A glance at the head-to-head stats elsewhere on these pages shows that - of a total of 137 matches, Forfar have won 51 and Arbroath 50 with the rest drawn.  Thanks to some big individual wins, we've scored quite a few more

Be VERY wary of home games - Forfar have won almost as many at Gayfield as we have

Clearly there's a derby factor at work - compare our head-to-heads with East Fife which are probably a bigger and more historically successful club than Forfar yet we've won many more home games.  Our Angus rivals clearly see the Lichties as a scalp worth making an effort for on their short trip down


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