Our cup record against Montrose

22 October 2010 04:50
Chequered history Another pressure game at Links Park and the team have to be up for it to eradicate some recent and past traumas there.  I'm not talking about the 3-0 and the 5-0 results of late but the awful saga of a decade ago when we won the first tie but it had to be replayed since we fielded an ineligible player (can't even recall the player in question).  The compulsory replay ended 0-0 then Montrose dumped us out of the Cup winning 2-1 at Gayfield.   Let's make a special effort to eradicate these memories Our head-to-head record in all Scottish cupties against Montrose stands at 2-2. 1888/89     Arbroath 6-2 Montrose 1988/89     Montrose 2-0 Arbroath 1990/91     Montrose 2-0 Arbroath 2000/01     Arbroath 1-2 Montrose after (0-1, replayed due to Arbroath fiedling an    ineligible  player and 0-0)