Missing ingredient 3: Pace or lack of

17 June 2013 09:01
where's the edge?

Danny Rennie was supposed to provide this last season but didn't really perform after the first month.   Lee Sibanda is quick off the mark - handy in winning penalties - but no pace merchant.

Last speedy type I recall was Bryan Scott though he had other failings,  And we had Collin Samuel apporximately a decade after he ran past anyone.

I'm not sure if Alan Cook brings turn of speed but it would be nice to have this option available to turn to.   Mair and Birse look nippy but maybe still not fast enough.

Last season our Plan B was Derek Holmes who did well enough,  This season coming?

At the higher levels, speed - along with some control and touch - seems to be critical in dynamic attacks. 

Any thoughts?



Source: Lichties Mad