If we can't win the title, do we really want promoted?

16 April 2012 05:26
practical dilemma or blessing in disguise?

Practical dilemma or blessing in disguise?

There's a fairly big gulf between Divisions 1 and 2.   There are no real minnows in Division 1 - with the exception of Cowden to come  All big clubs with bigger budgets and resources.  

If Arbroath could have won a back-to-back title this season, then we'd all be delighted to face what comes next.  Since it looks like we'll fall just short, what do we really want for next season.

We can remember one glorious season in division 1 in 2000-01 but that severely stretched the club's finances and it took us some time to get on an even keel again.  The following season in Diviision 1 was abject and we were relegated with a miniscule points total.

If we can't manage the glory of a title maybe it would be better to fall short in the playoffs rather than face this?   I know that we should always look to play to the highest level but I would rather win another title and perhaps enjoy another season where we win more than we lose and don't undermine the club's financial stability in the process

Next year, it looks llike a competitive Division 2.  It could be the only bigger clubs will be QoS and Airdrie with Alloa putting in a challenge.  But we've discovered most of the teams are at a similar level so maybe we could have another tilt at the title, applying lessons from this season?

Any thoughts folks?

Older Lichtie fans will remember occasional persistent and recurring rumours that the club `didn't want to be promoted' for whatever reason.  Maybe the arguments above make this case again in the modern er.