Greater Gayfield options shrink

30 June 2012 04:06
neighbouring properties

from the Arbroath Herald:  ANGUS Council has agreed to sell the funfair site at Queens Drive, Arbroath, adjacent to Gayfield Park, to the current tenant, James O’Brien Pleasure Fairs.

Terms and conditions are to be negotiated and agreed by the head of property.

Mr O’Brien signed up to a 60-year lease in 1972 which will terminate on May 14, 2032. The current rent, which was set at review in 2002, is £7,000 per annum. The next rent review is due in 2017.

The lease states that the tenants shall use the subjects for the purpose only of carrying on the business of an amusement park and fun fair.

It also contains the following clause in relation to potential competing business: “The landlords shall at no time during the currency of the lease, sell or offer or lease any area of ground within a radius of five miles of the said subjects for use as a pleasure fairground. The landlord and tenant agree that the present amusement centre at the West Links and similar centres do not fall within the ambit of pleasure fairground.”

This restrictive clause in relation to similar uses within a five-mile radius is not included in the disposal terms and conditions.

In a report to Thursday’s corporate services committee, it was revealed that disposal of the site will result in a capital receipt for Angus Council. However, it will also result in a loss of the current rental income of £7,000 per annum which will need to be managed by the neighbourhood services department.

The O’Brien family has owned and run Pleasureland as an indoor Fun Fair and Amusement Arcade since 1975.

Before that however, the family and their ancestors were travelling showmen and circus performers who entertained across the country.

The third generation of O’Briens - headed by Jim O’Brien - now look after the business and continue to provide fun to new generations.

Councillor Donald Morrison, who is a member of the corporate services committee, commented: “Pleasureland has been for decades and continues to be a popular visitors attraction for all ages.

“The committee report sought permission from elected members to enter into discussions to the possibility of selling to the tenant.

“The next step is obviously to now negotiate a suitable purchase price


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