Crucial run-in to the Playoffs

31 March 2013 07:53
Comparing the run-ins of the four main runners and riders

Yesterday's derby win at Forfar was vital in putting us fully back into the race for that 4th playoff spot but we've reached the crucial final turn.

Below are the remaining fixtures for the four teams realistically in contention. Forfar have 7 left Ayr only 5.   Forfar still have 3 games against the top 3 sides but Ayr still play all their fellow contenders (3 times in 5 games) so will have a big say

Arbroath have most home games left - normally an advantage but our home and away form has reversed over the past 2 months so does that still count

I think our prospects will become clearer after this week's home game with Stenny.  




Ayr Utd


*Stenny         H

Albion R        A

Alloa           H

*Arbroath     A

Albion            H

East Fife        H

Albion R       A

East Fife       A

Brechin          A

Brechin         A

*Stenny       A

QoS              H

Stranraer       H

Alloa            A

*Arbroath    H

*Ayr              H

*Ayr              A

QoS              H

*Forfar        A

Brechin         A

Alloa              H

Stranraer       A


Stranraer      H


*Ayr              H



Top 3:     2

Top 3 :   3

Top 3:  1

Top 3:  2

4 Home

2 Away

3 Home

4 Away

2 Home  

3 Away

3 Home 

3 Away

* denotes playoff rival



Source: Lichties Mad