Bad habits - losing 3-in-a-row

30 October 2012 08:03
Kick them now

Losing three games in a row has become a rare experience for Lichtie fans in recent years.    

By my reckoning, you have to look back 34 months - to January 2010 - for a similar bad run.   of course, in those days, we were managed by the mighty Jim Weir and still smarting from an exit to Irvine Meadow in the Scottish Cup.

Earlier that season, in Division 2,  we had already suffered two runs of losing 4 in a row.  Two of the defeats in January 2010 were at home.

By all accounts, we performed well enough second half against Ayr and it was the third away game in a row.   However another missed penalty gives cause for concern as does another blank in the Goals For column

Time to break this bad habit

Source: Lichties Mad