Attack minded?

01 July 2013 01:04
don't forget to keep it tight at the back

From the Arbroath Herald

Sheerin commented: “I think we lost our way a wee bit last season and I was conscious of the fact that we weren’t playing the same quality of football that we had the previous two seasons".

“With that in mind I am trying to build a squad that is a bit more attack minded and Darren (Smith)fits into that ethos. He keeps the ball well, is tenacious and sits in the middle of the park. I think he will do really well for us, as he always impressed me when we played against him last season

Always likely to be entertaining with this approach but in the latter part of last season, we also tightened up at the back.  Seems we're stilla  bit light on defensive cover in the squad?


Source: Lichties Mad