Arbroath day out is relatively good value

18 October 2012 04:03
BCC survey reveals - at £16.50 for entry, programme, tea and pie, a Gayfield outing is slightly below the Division 2 average

A BBC survey looked at 166 clubs in 10 divisions across British football, including the Blue Square Bet Premier and Women's Super League.

We have recorded the most expensive, and cheapest, season tickets and adult matchday tickets as well as the cost of a cup of tea, a pie and a programme, to calculate the cheapest day out at a football match.

The most expensive tea in British football can be found in Manchester, where both City and United charge £2.50. The cheapest costs 50p at Alloa and Brechin in Scottish Division Two

Scottish third division side Montrose offer the cheapest season ticket at £90.

The price of a day out at a Scottish Premier League match remains more affordable with only Celtic (£36.30) costing more than £35. Celtic's most expensive season ticket comes in at £609, however, some £409 more than Inverness Caledonian Thistle's cheapest offer.

Only two out of 92 English league clubs offer a day out for less than £20. Last year it was 12. In Scotland, 21 of the 42 teams across four divisions offer a day out for less than £20. Out of 166 clubs in England and Scotland only 38 offer a day out for less than £20. "I certainly think that our clubs in Scotland make a real effort to ensure that football is accessible," Scottish Premier League chief executive Neil Doncaster told BBC Sport.

"I think our clubs are fully aware of the importance of price in terms of people's decisions to come to a game of football. We've got just over half of our clubs that offer free season tickets, without any charge, to under 12s.

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Source: Lichties Mad