Belgian Pro League review - Ostend vs Anderlecht

07 August 2014 12:46

The first half’s only highlight was a chance for Mitrovic, who fell just short of scoring his second this season. We could only hope for improvement in the second half.

That improvement did come however, with Ostend taking the reins of the game, pushing Anderlecht back onto their own half. The home side couldn’t convert any of their chances though, and paid dearly for their inefficiency. After a fine pass from Praet, Mitrovic rammed the ball in the back of the net. 1-0 for Anderlecht.

The reigning champions’ lead seemed to be short-lived when Siani showed up out of nowhere, but N’Sakala stepped in nicely.

As the game’s final minutes ticked away on the clock, so did the players’ motivation. Acheampong had only to make the decisive goal, but tapped the keeper.

Just like last week though, Matias Suarez rose up as his side’s liberator, dribbling past Ostend’s tired defence and pushing it past Ovono. 2-1 for Anderlecht, who do need to step up their game should they want to avoid embarrassment in the Champions League.

Source: DSG