Supporters treated by high-scoring Euro 2012

Spectators in Poland and Ukraine have been spoilt during the tournament's group phase, which boasted several memorable matches and not a single goalless draw.With 60 goals scored in 24 matches at an average rate of 2.5 per game, Euro 2012 has witnessed more goals per game than both Euro 2004 and Euro 2008 (2.48) and is in line to be the most prolific tournament since Euro 2000 (2.74).The 2000 tournament in Belgium and the Netherlands was widely seen as a high watermark in the recent history of European football, and the current competition could be set to follow suit.UEFA president Michel Platini sought to claim responsibility for the trend by asserting that the introduction of extra match officials behind each goal-line has helped to eliminate foul play in the penalty area."Why are they scoring more goals in this tournament," he asked."I think you know the answer: five-man refereeing teams make things easier."

Source: AFP