Player Not Talking About Contracts

22 June 2010 09:08
Dillon un-happy with player situation.   Shots manager Kevin Dillon has told the clubs official website that he believes that contract negotiations with Louie Soares, Kirk Hudson and Dave Winfield are   He told the site: "I phoned Louie [Soares] up yesterday and he tried to make out that he couldn't hear me on his phone!  I spoke to Kirk [Hudson] and he told me that he doesn't really know what he's doing and told me to speak to his agent! "I told him to tell me what he was thinking of doing so as I can move on and he said he didn't know and didn't know what his agent was doing. "They [the players] seem to hide behind them [the agents], these youngsters today - just speak to us and tell us what you want to do.  If you want to leave, then fine, if you're staying - great. "Dave Winfield as well - we agreed a contract with Dave about three weeks ago, four weeks ago.  Gary [Owers] sorted it out because I was on holiday and I haven't heard from him! "I don't understand it.  I've worked with them every day since November.  Told them 'this is what we're offering you' and they haven't got the decency to pick the phone up to say 'yes I'll have that' or 'no I want this' and I'm finding it really frustrating. "I want to move on and if they don't want to stay then that's fine, I'll get somebody else. "The problem with to of them is is that they're entitled to leave so they're pussyfooting around waiting for other things to happen by the sounds of it - which is fair enough - but just tell us! "It's frustrating - its downright ignorant actually I think.  They've been paid by the club for the last few years and they haven't got the decency to come up with an answer." For the full interview - click on the link below and sign up for the subscription service.