No News From Winfield

21 June 2010 07:11
Aldershot Town manager Kevin Dillon has said that he hasn't heard whether or not young defender Dave Winfield will sign for the club. Shots manager Kevin Dillon has told BBC Radio Surrey that he does not know if Dave Winfield will sign the contract that has been offered to him. Speaking after announcing that he has signed Hereford United defender Darren Jones, the boss continued: "Hopefully [Andy] Sandell will sign on Wednesday and that will be the back four sorted. "Dave Winfield, I'm not sure about Dave now, he is potentially, we're hoping that he signs his contract but we're not sure. "He's entitled to do whatever he wants.  His contract was up and we offered him a new contract a couple of months ago.  He was supposed to be coming in when he was back from his holiday but I haven't heard from him. "We'll be entitled to compensation if he wants to leave, but there's nothing we can do if he wants to leave as he's entitled to do that."