Match Reaction: Gillingham

02 March 2011 01:09
we take a look at the post-match views following uesday evenings 1-1 draw with Gillingham at the EBB Stadium. Aldershot Town returned to drawing ways once again on Tuesday evening and boss Dean Holdsworth was again, left disappointed with the result but not his sides performance saying: "I'm disappointed with the result. We worked, and worked and created some good chances. "Danny Hylton cut inside and tucked away a great goal. We could have dealt with their goal 15 second before the free kick was given "It's a harsh lesson. I've said to the lads everything is important. Every header, every control, every moment on that pitch is as important as the next." To hear the full interview from BBC Radio Surrey, click here. Meanwhile, Gills assistant boss Ian Hendon was left to face the media following the performance and he reflected on the disappointment for his men saying: “It says a lot when we come to Aldershot and we’re disappointed to get a draw at the moment,” said the Gills number two. “It’s amazing how the season has turned around. It’s another game where we are unbeaten but we didn’t play well. "If we had played anything like we did on Saturday against Shrewsbury and brought that to the party then we would have won the game. “We made it difficult for ourselves and we came away with a draw in the end, instead of expressing ourselves and stamping our authority on the game. I believe we’ve got to the stage where we should be doing that. “We started the first 10, 15 minutes okay and then the second half we came out and got a grip of the game. “Credit to the players for coming back, they didn’t have their heads down. We are used to that now, we are fighting all the way and late on Cody has an effort against the post. "It could have been a different story but from our point of view, from the staff, it wasn’t good enough.” Supports from both clubs had this to say: From the Gillingham Fans Online and Gills Connect forums: “I’m always content with a draw away from home, no matter who we are playing.  It’s the flipping home games we need to win more often.” – hampshiregills “Well a point gained i feel from being 1 down, but we paid the price for not taking early second half chances. So fustrating.” – swanleygill “2 lost. Poor performance against a poor aldershot side. Very long ball and service to strikers poor. To be fair, their goal was well offside and Cody very unlucky not to win the game with a great effort from an impossible angle. Need to ditch the narrow formation.” – hessisgod “To be honest, I thought it was a deserved point on the basis that they didn't deserve all three points and neither did we” - johnknee “Poor performance, poor opposition, poor officiating, too narrow and too predictable. Ball to Bayo, hope he does something is not a great tactic as there is no plan B. If Bayo has a poor game,like tonight, Gillingham play badly as a result.” - superblues From Shots Talk: "I've seen a lot more of the so-called "hoof ball game" under Holdsworth than I ever did under Dillon. "We looked unconvincing in all areas of the pitch tonight. What is the point in lumping the ball up to McGlashan when a) he's one of the shortest players on the pitch and b) the defender is stood five yards off him. PLAY THE BALL TO FEET!!!! That said, when we tried to do that our passing was largely woeful. Deano said the John Halls had a good game, but he was playing the Harding role tonight - giving the ball away more often than not. Guttridge didn't have his best game and nor did Hylton. however, he took his goal very well. Also, Aaron Morris looked quite assured at left-back, although he was obviously hindered by being right footed."A draw was probably the right result overall, but once again we dominated possession in the first half and did naff all with it. You won't beat teams if you don't create chances, simple really. What's more, we were still trying to play the ball out of trouble around our own penalty box. I'd much rather we just stuck it into touch in those situations, rather than giving the ball away in a dangerous position." - ACA "1. why do the team play the ball around and around before attempting to get into the box- in any form, id rather we'd try our luck with a threw ball than constant passing around keeping aimless possesion. Thios seems to be a pattern that is returnming from ealier in the season. When we do go for speculative cross into the box its usually to high and too close to the keeperThere was one opportunity in the 1st half that gutteridge had to power forward into a gap, draw players towards him and give a telling pass and he ended up just toeing the ball towards the goal"2. how many times has has Young been beaten by free kicks like tonight and other long shots- Ruiz is a better keeper all round I think."3. We need more interlect, deciveivness and cleverness in our play to seize opportunities but the players seem not to be good enough or frightened." - Reg’s Corner "I enjoyed the game last night - it was not the most skillful we will play but we played at a good pace and the Gills are a good side who kept 2 up front the whole match."I thought Ben Herd and Weezy were our best 2 players."I dont rate Young and think he is beaten to easily and their goal he seemed way to far to the left leaving a huge gap for Nutter to aim for."Deano should of made his subs a bit sooner as the Gills were controlling the middle of the pitch for long periods in the second."Our goal was very well worked and a good passing goal." - FleetMick "The first half was desperately boring. The second half gradually warmed up and the last 20 minutes were really entertaining - shame it took so long."Crikey, we need some new players in the summer! Jones was again shaky IMO and Charles was doing two jobs at once at times. Morris made a decent fist of left-back, but it shows how we're struggling when we play a right-footer whose best position is in midfield there."In midfield, Halls was (one sumptuous ball for the goal excepted) no improvement on Harding, who at least looked motivated when he came on and skimmed the crossbar with a late long-shot. Gutteridge tried hard and was always in the game but his distribution was absolutely awful last night. Vincenti showed some nice touches. Good signing, we need to work out how best to fit him into the team and get players in who will do his dirty work for him."Up front, Sills was no real improvement on Small. Won a few flick-ons, tried harder, not much end product. Hylton did well with the goal and general effort. He will always lose the ball at times, and supporters need to realise that, but he makes things happen. McGlashan - well, he is exempted any criticism, because the rest of the team seemed to have a deliberate policy of refusing to pass to him. Every time he got on the ball, he showed quality."Every point squeezed out from here on in is valuable." - Marcus ex W.Midlands Shot