Management Play The Waiting Game

11 June 2010 04:29
Aldershot News reporter Charlie Oliver has been speaking to Assistant Shots boss, Gary Owers and he insists that there is no rush to sign make signings. It may well be all quiet on the Aldershot Front since the end of last season, but things are expected to gather pace, now that manager Kevin Dillon is back from holiday. With just nine players under contract for the new season, the club are still waiting on news from Scott Donnelly, Kirk Hudson, Andy Sandell, Louie Soares and Dave Winfield who have all been offered new deals as well as striker Dean Morgan who is out of contract from the MK Dons. Speaking to the Aldershot news, Gary Owers told Charlie Oliver: “We are waiting. “There are protocols and procedures to be followed but hopefully things will come to a conclusion as soon as possible.  With Kevin back in the country, things will start to move on a bit.” With Dillon back in the country, he may be forced to play a waiting game, even if he would rather have his squad largely in place by the time pre-season training starts on Monday July 5. “I think there is a bit of a game going on right now, a little bit of brinkmanship from agents and players,” Owers said. “Players may be asking for a lot of money right now but there will be many players out of work this summer and at some stage they will reach panic station and will have to settle for less. “While we would like to have the squad to work with through our pre-season and the games we have lined up, we will not be jumping in with two feet," he continued. To read the full article, click on the link below: