Delays Could Hit Players

24 May 2012 02:19
Shots boss Dean Holdsworth has warned his out of contract players that they could be out of the club if they don't sign their contracts soon.

Aldershot News reporter Jon Couch has said that "no-nonsense" Shots boss Dean Holdsworth has warned his dithering Aldershot Town first-teamers that he may go back on his offer of a new contract if they don’t sign up soon.

It is reported that three or four of last seasons squad have been offered new deals, but the boss isn't prepared to wait forever from those still thinking over their options.

Negotiations are at an advanced stage with a number of potential new signings, and the boss says he won't hesitate to replace those who are yet to put pen to paper.

“I’ve got to do what's right for the team and what's right for myself," he told the paper this week.

“I’m still waiting on a few players to get back to me but at the same time I’ve been very busy on the phone to a lot of agents and player representatives and some of those talks are going well.

“If the current players want to delay signing their new deals then that's the risk they take because that option might not be there in a week’s time. I’ve been quite open with them about that.”

Holdsworth has also revealed he is set to add two, possibly three new players to his squad by tomorrow [Friday], and believes the quality of player he is talking to reflects on his side’s form of last season.

“I’ve been very pleased with how it's gone so far,” the boss added. “I’m very close to unveiling two new players and there may be a third also. I want to be as pro-active as possible."

“Players are seeing how we play, how we train and how we set ourselves up and the word spreads. There are a lot of good reasons to join this club at the moment."