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Update On Molesley

18 Dec 2010 15:29:12

Update On Molesley

Midfielder, Mark Molesley, knows he will have to prove himself all over again as he moves back to full fitness. As Mark Molesley returns to full fitness following a protracted foot injury, the popular midfielder knows he will have to prove himself before gaining a starting place in Eddie Howe's first team. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Molesley is quoted as saying: "I’m just waiting for a reserve fixture – it’s all about proving myself again now. It feels like I’m starting over again so I’ve got a lot to prove. But I can’t be too hard on myself – it’s going to take time. I’ve been out for a while but, hopefully, the future is looking a little bit better for 2011. Hopefully, I’ll have a little bit more lady luck on my side this year. I’ve definitely had my fair share of lows but I haven’t given up yet and I’m fighting hard".


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