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Fletcher - Big AFCB Asset


10 Apr 2010 15:17:50

Fletcher - Big AFCB Asset

Steve Fletcher has already been earmarked for a job at Dean Court after he hangs up his boots for the final time. Cherries legend, Steve Fletcher, has already been earmarked for a job at Dean Court after he steps down from first team football. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "I’ve told him not to take up offers of anything else when he and Eddie decide he can’t kick a ball any more. He is to see us and he’ll get involved. I’ve already got an office decorated for him – in my mind. We want him in a front role – that’s for sure – and we’re not going to let him go. He is a big asset for the club and he has got a lot to do off the field. I sat down with Fletch three months ago and said that when the day does come (that he retires) ‘don’t think you’ve got to find a job’. We’ve got one planned. He’s worth his weight in gold – off the pitch and on it. To let him go and get lost in the archives would be stupid. He’s got the right character to be around the club. He’s good at talking to people, he presents himself well and what more could you want".


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