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Cornicks (Second) Chance

05 Jul 2013 18:13:32

Cornicks (Second) Chance

Harry Cornick is hoping to fully embrace his second opportunity at Dean Court.

Signed from non-League Christchurch during the course of last season, the teenager is planning to take full advantage of what is proving to be his second opportunity at Dean Court having been rejected by the Club as a 12-year-old some 6 years ago.

Cornick was quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying on his opportunity: "I had some time at Bournemouth when I was younger but got released after a few months and it petered out. After that, I thought it was never going to happen so I tried out at other sports. I was young and it was quite a strange feeling being told you were not good enough. At that age, it was quite demoralising but I knew I was not as good as the rest of the players back then. I don’t think I put enough effort in because I was nervous and felt a bit out of my league at that point. I wasn’t at the same standard as the players I was around. I was still growing up around the likes of Charlie Davies and Josh Carmichael who were coming through at Bournemouth so I just kept working and trying to improve and I am happy to make it back to the level they are at now".

Source: Cherries MAD


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