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Blackpool Reaction - Tangerines

15 Sep 2013 15:17:11

Blackpool Reaction - Tangerines

Here's the post match reaction from the Blackpool camp after their win at Dean Court.

Most of the post reaction from the Tangerines focussed, not on the game, but on manager Paul Ince who threw a bottle to the ground, only for that bottle to bounce backwards in to the stand and hit a woman on the foot.

Reacting to Ince being dismissed from pitch side, assistant manager Alex Rae was quoted after the match as saying: "We thought was harsh because it bounced through a barrier, but even still we're obviously not happy with it. The fourth official made the decision to send him to the stand so we just move on from it. To be fair, the manager went over and apologised to the lady immediately as it actually hit her on the foot, I think, and she's accepted his apology".

Source: Cherries MAD


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