Will Any Offer For The Stadium Be Acceptable?

01 November 2011 12:20
Landlords for AFC Bournemouth, Structadene, confirm that 2 offers were made for the ground.

With the Club saying that an offer of £4.5million was rejected by Structadene to buy back Dean Court, the Clubs landlords put their side of the story.

AFC Bournemouth's landlords are quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "We have been approached to sell the stadium but we are not generally sellers unless we get a very good price. The price we were offered was not acceptable. There were two offers made in the past few weeks, but the first one was so derisory that it isn’t worth mentioning. The second one wasn’t accepted. Four-and-half million pounds might be fair in the club’s eyes, but if you walk into a shop and want to buy a suit that costs £100, £50 might seem fair. Unfortunately, the price is still £100. We don’t need to sell and there is no requirement for us to sell the property because we are very happy with the return we are getting on it".

Structadene go on to be quoted as saying: "The fact the club appears to have attracted some strong investment means its ability to pay the rent will be improved. Everything in life has a price, but it has to be the right price. If we were offered a price that would be acceptable to the shareholders then we would look at it. We don’t get sentimental about any building we own. We are simply in the business of collecting rent from our tenants and AFC Bournemouth happens to be a tenant. Financially, the club has progressed substantially over the past 18 months and has made very good progress with satisfying its commitments to us. But I would stress again that we don’t need to sell because we are getting a very good return on our original investment".