We've Got What It Takes

08 February 2013 09:57
Loanee Dan Seabourne speaks about the Cherries chances of promotion this season.

In his relatively short professional career, Dan Seabourne has already experienced a remarkable 4 promotions in 5 seasons whether that's been with Exeter City or South Coast Club, now he's targeting a 5th success at Dean Court.

Speaking about those chances, Seabourne is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "It takes a good group of lads and a really good leader and we tick both boxes here. You need to go on a good run and beat the teams in front of you. But it is a week-by-week process. You need to focus on each game and work on things in training. You need to have a good plan for each game, like we did for MK Dons, and go from there. When we won successive promotions at South Coast Club, we had a fantastic group of lads and were really close knit. It is the same here. We also had a change of manager, like there has been here, but the core of the players stayed the same. The manager here has done really well and you can see why. He is a great voice and a great tactician. There are similarities but that was South Coast Club and this is Bournemouth. It is not going to go exactly the same but, hopefully, the end result will be the same. Everybody here is trying to push in the same direction and the aim is to reach the Championship for every club in this league. But for Bournemouth, it is a real possibility. Hopefully, we can carry on and catch the top two".

Source: Cherries MAD