We've Got The BEst Midfield - Tindall

07 November 2012 09:29
Jason Tindall has gone on record that the Cherries have the best midfield in League One.

Following on from the 2-1 victory over Shrewsbury Town on Tuesday evening, assistant manager Jason Tindall was quoted as saying in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, about the Arter/MacDonald pairing: "I think both of them are fantastic footballers. They do a great job for the team. Macca is, in some senses, an unsung hero with the amount of work he gets through and the amount of defensive positions he picks up. People saw with Harry last night that, going forward, he is very creative. With both of them together, I think you would find it tough to find two better central midfielders in the division. You will only be successful by being consistent in your results and performances. That was our aim. We are playing catch-up in terms of points and we have just got to continue that level of performance and momentum, and make sure we stay focused for every training session and every game that we play. If we can manage to do that then, hopefully, we can continue the positive results and who knows where that may take us?"

Source: Cherries MAD