Wes The Fulll Back

05 July 2013 08:10
Wes Fogden is working on being converted to a full back.

Little Wes Fogden is being worked on by Eddie Howe to become a full back in time for the new season.

Manager Eddie Howe is quoted on the Clubs Official Web Site as saying: "We have two full-backs who, in the main, stayed fit last season but we were lucky in that respect. So, we felt we needed cover. I’m not saying that will be his sole position because he will be used in different roles over the course of the season, but it will be another string to his bow. I have to say, he’s done really well in training so far. As always, his attitude has been exemplary and he’s taken the challenge by the scruff of the neck. He’s actually a very good one-v-one defender, and we’ve seen that many times in training where he’s very difficult to get past. We feel he has the qualities and just needs to spend some time in that role, but if it doesn’t work out then we haven’t lost anything and he will revert to be either a central or wide midfielder. There’s no pressure on him. It’s just a chance for us to have a look at him and see how he develops".

Source: Cherries MAD