We're Not Going Back In To Administration

03 March 2010 12:29
Eddie Micthell has vowed not to take the Club back in to administration. With Club finances making all of the wrong headlines (again), Eddie Mitchell has vowed not to take the Club back in to Administration, with all of the consquences that would have with the resulting points deductions. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Mitchell is quoted as saying: "We need to give Eddie and the boys our 100 per cent support and that means people coming out in their numbers. We would like to get crowds back to 6,500 to give the team what it deserves because the boys have done fantastically. In my opinion, we would |have a supporter-base of between 8,000 and 9,000 if we were to go up. We need to rally the troops and people need to bring their neighbours and friends. It’s what the club needs and, the more support we get, the sooner we will get out of this situation. When I pick up a national newspaper, I don’t want to read about ‘cash-strapped Bournemouth’. We’ve got to get rid of the debt, get rid of the embargo and get this club where it should be. We could sustain League One and have already been through the finances for next season. We strongly believe we could sustain football in the league above on the budget we’re virtually on now. But to do that would need us to be eligible for loan players and, until the embargo is lifted, we’re not going to be. We haven’t got plans to go into administration, that’s for sure. That’s not even entered my head. We’ve all got to join in and stand up and be counted".