We Want To Play The Game The Right Way - Howe

18 September 2010 05:35
Manager Eddie Howe has said that he wishes to stick to his footballing principles while manager of AFC Bournemouth. If anyone thought that the Cherries step up to League One was going to be a difficult transition, then so far that has not been the case as AFC Bournemouth have the best goal scoring record and best goal difference in League One at this early stage of the season. On what has been achieved, even at this early stage of the season, manager Eddie Howe is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "We want to play the game the right way. The difficulty is every game is different and we have a different emphasis for different games. We certainly had a different game-plan against Peterborough and Tranmere than we have done in the last couple of matches. Every game is different but the principles don’t really change no matter who you are playing. We want to see the lads pass the ball from back to front if we can and play an attractive style that people like to come and watch. We work on the core principles every day and they don’t change. All through pre-season, we really did concentrate on keeping possession of the ball, passing and moving and rotations, and the lads have taken it on board. I think we’ve improved and have got more confident with it as time has gone on and I think we’re seeing that in the games now. Hopefully, we will continue to improve and get better. I still think, despite the good start, there’s still big room for improvement. Other clubs look at us, when it comes to loaning players or whatever, and Bournemouth has always been known to be a good footballing team".