We Are Learning - Arter

17 December 2013 10:13
Midfielder, Harry Arter, has gone on record to say that the squad is adapting to life in the Championship.

Despite dominating Birmingham City for long periods on Saturday, the Cherries still managed to slip to defeat even though they managed to create far more chances than the Blues.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Arter is quoted as saying: "There is no reason to panic and, if any supporters want to create that, it is up to them because we can’t control people’s opinions. Nobody said this season was going to be easy and we feel we are doing the right things. There are some bigger teams than us doing a lot worse and, if there is any panic here, I don’t know what it must be like at their clubs. We would have taken where we are now at the start of the season and would have bitten off someone’s hand for it a year ago. We are above the two other promoted teams so it is not as if we are going backwards and they are moving on and leaving us behind. I don’t know what people expected this season and whether they expected us to go up again. I don’t think the experts would have predicted that and I think we are doing what was expected of us. We know there is still a lot to learn for the team. There is a bit of naivety and we are still getting to grips with the Championship. But I think performances have definitely improved since the start of the season and it is a steady progression. We know we need to start turning one win into two and three if we want to move forward".

Source: Cherries MAD


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