Update On Molesley

18 December 2010 03:29
Midfielder, Mark Molesley, knows he will have to prove himself all over again as he moves back to full fitness. As Mark Molesley returns to full fitness following a protracted foot injury, the popular midfielder knows he will have to prove himself before gaining a starting place in Eddie Howe's first team. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Molesley is quoted as saying: "I’m just waiting for a reserve fixture – it’s all about proving myself again now. It feels like I’m starting over again so I’ve got a lot to prove. But I can’t be too hard on myself – it’s going to take time. I’ve been out for a while but, hopefully, the future is looking a little bit better for 2011. Hopefully, I’ll have a little bit more lady luck on my side this year. I’ve definitely had my fair share of lows but I haven’t given up yet and I’m fighting hard".